Bonito SeaScape 18m (59 ft x 16ft) - KIT “Seascape Cruiser kits “

boat nameSeascape Cruiser kits
typeBonito SeaScape 18m (59 ft x 16ft) - KIT
yearNew build
price36100 36100
flagNo flag
locationKits shipped direct from Holland
accommodationAccommodation on two decks
extrasMetal kit: 36,100 Euros Hull+Deck: 89,500 Euros Complete: please enquire Add Btw (VAT)
cabinsDepends on layout
berths6 to 8 Berths
toiletsas required
showersAs required
utilityroomYes - possible
workshopYes - possible
storeroomYes - possible
externalseatingYes - On deck
Main Dimensions (m & kg)
loa18.05 m
beam4.78 m
mastupheightApprox 5.5m m
displacementH+D 16.1 tonnes t
engine(s)Single or twin Engines
gear boxAs required
cruising speed5 kn
max speed10
generatorIf required
bow truster(s)possible
stern truster(s)Possible
air conditioningIf required
central heatingIf required
constr. matWelded Steel
Survey Details
additional info

The Bonito Seascape has the capability of being used commercially or for leisure purposes, ideal for both offshore and waterways cruising. There are many uses that this boat can be put to for example, Patrol Boat, Police boat, Customs cruiser, Harbour Masters launch, etc. This vessel can be fitted out to any requirement, just tell use the use and we will build it to your specification.

The Seascape 18m can be supplied in kit form, hull and Deck or any stage to fully complete. Several design options are also available.

1. Basic Kit:

The basic kit is the first stage, cut and prepared at our factory in North Holland, it is supplied in flat pack form with all components cut, shaped and numbered, you just have to weld it together. The cost at the factory door is 36,100 Euros + Vat (if applicable) Please note that all transportation costs and storage costs are paid for by the buyer. The kit will be ready for delivery approx 4 weeks after the contract is signed

Full Kit specification >>                        

2. Hull and Deck:

The next stage is to fully weld the steelwork, as per specification and this will be available for transportation (as seen below) The cost of the construction and welding will be 89,500 Euros + VAT (if applicable)

Hull and deck specification >>              share/fckfiles/file/Basic%20Hull%20&%20Deck%202013.pdf

3. Options:

For plan view please click    >>            

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For layout plan please click >>